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About Magicbox

With nearly two decades of service under its belt Magicbox has long established itself as one of the leading suppliers of magic tricks, props and accessories to both amateur and professional magicians alike.

Outstanding Staff

Our qualified staff members have a diverse range of knowledge and skills that extend far beyond the realm of magic and as a result we have proven ourselves time and time again as a trusted source for help and advice. With several working professionals amongst our team we also have experts on hand to assist you in every genre of magic whether it be it children’s, stage, close-up, menatlism or other.

We pride ourselves on honesty and will only recommend those products which we would actually use ourselves; it is through this that we have built our solid reputation. You only need search our name within any of the larger magic forums to see a resume of glowing reports about our customer service and product range.

It is through this willingness to help that we will be able to help you as a magician grow and progress in the direction that you wish to take. Should you not find the item you are looking for on our site we will do our very best to help you get that item even if it means directing you to another site to purchase; how many other dealers would offer this service?

Why not take this opportunity to learn a little more about or staff members by clicking here.

Only the best products

As magicians we are always on the lookout for the latest and best effects and once again Magicbox can help you do this by providing its own range of exclusive cutting edge effects. Having produced many award winning effects such as Michael Murrays Beyond ESP and Kristofor Rubens Copper Silver Extreme you will always know where to go to get your next show-stopping effect.

Click on this link to view our range of exclusive effects.

Supporting Magic Inventors

Should you have any ideas that you’re considering releasing yourself then why not contact us to discuss releasing them through Magicbox at [email protected] and in doing so you will be joining the list of many other successful magicians whom we have helped in this way?

Bricks and mortar shops...

With the increasing popularity of internet shopping it's easy to forget about the bricks and mortar shops. Magic box is one of the very few magic companies to have not one but three physical shops. If you are ever in the Newcastle upon Tyne area then why not pop in to say hello and meet our staff in person for a first hand demonstration of our products (Complimentary tea, coffee and juice available upon request).

For those who are unable to make the trip we are also regularly attend some of the UK Magic conventions such as Blackpool and South Tyneside. So if you are there why not pop over to see how we can take your magic to the next level!


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