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E Stooge Mysticube

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E Stooge Mysticube

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Vital Statistics

Artist: N/A
Manufacturer: E Stooge
Skill Level: Self Working
Performance Conditions: Angle Proof, In the Hands, Large Groups, One on One
Primary Audience: Mixed
Examinable: Yes
Set Up: No Set-Up
Instruction: Written
Venue: Bar Magic, Cabaret, Close Up, Restaurant, Stage, Street, Walk Around
Theme: Mind Reading

Product Description

Magicbox are proud to be UK suppliers of Estooge electronic magic effects

E Stooge offer an incredible range of mind busting technology allowing you seemingly read your spectators minds!

For the basic effect, you give a spectator a casino dice, you ask them to cup their hands around it and shake it until they are happy. They are then asked to peek inside their closed hands and remember the number on top of the die while the performers back is turned or even be in a different room! Impossibly the magician can tell the spectator which number they were thinking off. This can then be repeated and the magician is correct every time. What’s more the spectator can hide the die in any hand and the magician can reveal which hand it is in with 100% accuracy

Remember these key facts

  • 100% self working
  • Learn in minutes
  • No one other than the spectator knows the number
  • The magician never touches the die
  • The magician can be several feet away or even in another room
  • Reliable
  • Easy to charge and replace the battery your self
  • Die looks like a REAL wooden casino dice




The Mysticube is a pure masterpiece device for close-up and stage performers! It is a small standard size die (19mm) with litreally ultimate control over it.

The full routine includes two phases, each of them has its own powerful impact! you start by locating the hidden die with the cleanest presentation ever (bare hands version for the "which hand" effect), and continue with reading their mind and thoughts, revealing any number they think about.

It is simply the best die in the world of mentalism:

- Finally... casino size (19mm), non-suspicious, perfect looking die!

- Two powerful capabilities: Locating and Numbers reading!

- Multiple dice simultaneously!

- Long battery life! (more than a year with a single battery)

- Long ranges! (up to 50feet)

- Different die colors (available on request) Supplied with black die as standard


Access Point (AP)

This miniature, vibrating receiver is the central hub for your wireless network of eStooge devices, allowing you to achieve amazing results.

A single AccessPoint is required 
for all your other eStooge devices to work.

 As the central hub for your wireless network of eStooge devices, this miniature vibrating receiver seamlessly synchs and collects data from your invisible sources for show-stopping effects that wow your audiences every time.

- USB rechargeable battery! a single charge allowing for hours of continuous operation.
- A fine red LED indicator light monitors the state of the battery
- A gentle vibration transmits hidden messages to the magician/mentalist.


How to use it?

Simply switch on the AccessPoint at the beginning of any performance and the sensors in your eStooge devices automatically connect with the AccessPoint and transfer all the relevant data they’ve been collecting. Once activated, the magician is alerted any time an eStooge sensor connects to the AccessPoint, making it easier than ever to access the real time information that takes your show to the next level.


Distances (working range)

The Network (communication between the AcesssPoint and all eStooges) works at distances of 20-50feets. While only a single AccessPoint is required to work with our other products, our proprietary technology makes us the only system that supports Range Extenders (small battery operated, looks just like the AP) which can be simply added to the scene, for situations requiring coverage over greater distances.


Mind Watch

When working with multiple sensors or complicated effects with a lot of information (such as a calculator), a simple vibration just isn’t enough. That’s why eStooge created the first and only system on the market to actually display the full range of information that our sensors collect on the small, compact screen.

Take a look at the technology video above to get a good understanding

Display Features:

The MindWatch looks and functions like a standard sports watch, but once it connects to the AccessPoint receiver, the watch screen instantly displays all the information it’s been collecting from the magic sensors in the crowd, allowing you to mystify your audiences in ways that have never been possible before!

In addition to the wealth of information it displays (vs. a simple vibration), the screen also relays information about the system, such as a new sensor connecting, receiving level, and the battery voltage.

Cue Messages:

The MindWatch can be used to send hidden messages between a stooge and the performer, with each tap on the watch wirelessly transmitted to the vibrating AccessPoint.

Controlling Fetaures:

The MindWatch also contains a motion sensor that enables the magician to use subtle hand gestures to remotely control distant objects (such as the hands of a clock on the wall). This incredible tool allows you to add even more magic to act and achieve incredible results.

Small and concealed

The device itself (without a strap) runs on a single coin battery, and can easily be dismantled, assembled or concealed according to the magician’s needs (hidden in the palm, a notebook, etc.).

The MindWatch comes with two mechnical shells: a wrist watch and a small generic silicon enclosure.

One For all - A single MindWatch accommodates the full range of our products.


C.P You


Mathematical and analytical effects are a great addition to any show. Now you can enhance your “supernatural” abilities and thrill audiences with amazing capabilities that they consider to be real. Whether you use the C.P.You to read minds or solve complex arithmetic drills on the spot, it’s sure to make you an even more gifted analytic performer!

How does it work?

The C.P.You is a gimmicked calculator that looks like a common store-bought item. When the spectator presses any keys or performs an operation, their every action is wirelessly transmitted and displayed on your MindWatch display. The System lets you see all of the spectators choices, processes and results in real time, so you can thrill them with your supernatural powers.

The small MindWatch can be inconspicuously placed on your wrist, palmed or installed in your notebook.

Signaling: The C.P.You is an incredible tool for retrieving hidden messages from a stooge, that moves light years ahead from a simple vibration to an actual display!


Added Features:
- Supports ALL operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square root, percentage)
- Two modes of operation:
Total Mode – displays the results (4+10 => displays 14)
Target Mode – displays the remaining amount to reach a predefined target result
(i.e. target was defined as 20, 4+10 => displays 6)
- Multiple calculators can work simultaneously**
- Battery levels are monitored and displayed
- Can be used to set the MindWatch (Date and Time) remotely


The options with the C.P.You are simple endless, we gathered a few ideas to start with...

Simple and fast:

Hand the calculator to 3-4 people in the audience and ask them to add up their "special numbers." Each person feeds in their own lucky number, important dates, etc. and hand it to the next person, until the last person adds in their number and tallies the final result.

The C.P.You reliably relays everything to you in real time, from their individual choices, to the temporal results and the total summation, so you can leave the work to the C.P.You and focus on your presentation.
- Run gags during the process ("Most people choose 73, please try again and be unique…")
- Ask their numbers, and do ultrafast calculations to find the results.
- Get the final result, and supernaturally call out the individual's numbers.
- So many other options!

Get sophisticated: 

Present a printed catalog of goods or even actual items to your spectator (for instance fashion or supermarket products) and ask him to do some "shopping" within a restricted budget. Hand him some money, and a calculator (the C.P.You) to help him add up the total amount.

Unique item prices and individual numbers will let you figure out his exact shopping list and hand him back the exact change.

Time Machine:

The C.P.You can be used to remotely set the MindWatch’s date and time, allowing the magician to run a flawless "Time Machine" effect. The spectator thinks of an important date and time in his past… Then reveal the watch which was "pre-tuned" to exactly the same date and time they selected.


* The C.P.You requires theAccessPoint and MindWatch to work as its display.


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