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Here at Magicbox we see so many amazing effects, books and DVD’s come through our door each year.  With so much to choose from it is often a difficult task to decide which effect to purchase next.

When seeking advice on anything from cars to computers people will often turn to the experts for advice and magic should be no exception to this rule.

Many of the Magicbox staff perform professionally outside of work and actually work the effects we stock in the real world.  The tricks they perform have been tried and tested in the real world and these effects always reap the biggest response from their audiences.

Since our staff have full working knowledge over these items they are happy to offer you any advice you may have on them and since each staff member has a different style the effects they favor differ greatly.

Click on any of the staff profiles below to view their individual recommendations, if you need any more information on them click on the link to ask that staff member a question direct!  


Michael Murray

Michael MurrayAs child I had asked my parents for a Paul Daniels magic set for Christmas, however since Santa did not deliver this for me I decided to rebel and made it my lifelong ambition to make my parents endure as much magic as possible.

When Magicbox appeared on the scene I was the first customer to walk through the door and have been part of the fixtures and fittings ever since.

Having originally specialised in close up magic with cards and coins it has only been over the past decade that I have moved over to the dark side and now concentrate my efforts in the field of mentalism.

Since working in the shop I no longer do many shows and my free time is now spent devising new methods and twisting old ones to create effects such as Beyond ESP, Between the Lines, Sleuth, Imagination and due to being up till the early hours with my baby boy I have had plenty of time to devise more which will be released in due course!

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Graeme ShawGraeme started doing magic at the early age of 9 when he received a Paul Daniels magic kit for Christmas. He would perform shows for his brothers and sisters birthday parties and at the old folks home where his mum used to work. Graeme, along with another school friend would perform magic tricks at school trying to out magic each other!

Graeme had always had a keen interest in drama and stage performances at school and when he turned 14 he joined the junior section of the Northern Magic Circle. Being helped along by Cynthia Neptune, Graeme would attend the annual Easter parade each year (the Northern Magic Circle`s annual convention) performing in the junior show.

Graeme was a keen customer at Magicbox from the age of 14 and started working there on a Saturday when he was just 15. Graeme`s main interests were always stage magic and illusions, however this slowly changed to be more close up and children’s magic over the years.

Graeme joined the Newcastle Upon Tyne Magic Circle when he was 16 and since then has won more magic awards in the Newcastle Magic Circle than any other member.

Graeme was made the youngest ever President of The Newcastle Magic Circle in April 2009 and is now a partner at Magicbox in Newcastle.

When not at Magicbox you can find Graeme performing close up magic all over the North East at various events. Although Graeme does not do too many children’s shows anymore he does enjoy performing at family events and at holiday parks. Although Graeme does more close up magic than anything else, his passion is still stage magic and illusions. He is huge David Copperfield fan.

If he does get any spare time, as he considers magic to no longer be a hobby, he spends it driving and racing his beloved sports car.

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Kris RubensKris has been working for Magicbox for roughly five years and in this time he has quickly became a true friend and trusted member of staff. He specialises in close up magic with cards and coins but has also been known to dabble in the field of mentalism too.

He is devoted to all things Sankey and if you ever get the chance to visit his home you will be able to see his shrine to Mr. Sankey first hand (We think that he is obsessed!). On the sly Mr. Rubens is a bit of a magic innovator and as such he has developed a fantastic range of utility slights and routines.

His most notable offering to the magic fraternity is his very own creation Copper Silver Extreme which is a beautifully crafted piece of coin magic. This effect has even won him an award for magic innovation!!!

With his vast experience in the world of magic we can all look forward to further ideas and releases from one of the UK’s most original thinkers!

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