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King Cuss Cards by Alchemy Moon

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King Cuss Cards by Alchemy Moon

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The Challenge.A volunteer steps forward. You show some of the cards and explain that each one contains a grim curse - each curse seems more terrible than the last. Perhaps you would like to be seated....The cards are placed face down on the table. You invite the person sitting opposite you to mix them. You point out gravely, that it would go very badly for her if she accidentally turned any of the cards over from this stage onwards. The smile slowly leaves her face. Somehow the very handling of the cards produces a deepening of the atmosphere. You explain how the game is played; how one by one, the cards get turned over. How as each card is turned the curse depicted upon it is lifted from you. For, you have played this game before; in the presence of someone who you would rather not name, someone you cannot name....

So now, perhaps the audience realise just why you play this game. There is one price to pay at the conclusion of the game... The final card to be turned reveals your curse. There is no escaping this. This final card will curse you for all eternity... if it is turned... If your curser has a kind heart, the final card will be a mild curse; something that you may be able to bear. If she has a cold heart.... then.... well, you would rather not think about this. The game has started, there is no turning back now. No turning back for either of you! The cards are turned, one by one. Death, Torture, Ruin, Sickness...One by one you reveal the dread meaning of these cards and rejoice in the fate that you have escaped. The game seems to be in your favour.Then, something terrible happens.

A curious card is turned, the meaning of which has little relevance today. ....and yet all present sense your unease at it’s turning.For the game has soured..... how could this be, after weeks and weeks of careful preparation, of countless supplications to the dark gods? Your fate is now truly sealed, for this card was to be the final Cussing Card; the curse that you could shrug off, dismiss. The card that would allow you to continue with your life, free of blight.  The final card must now reveal a dread fate. Truly you are doomed. A sicking bile rises from your stomach, and momentarily you are paralysed with fear. You implore the curser to end the game. You try to make light of it - you were stupid to try this little trick. Let’s just call it a day huh?But all gathered see the sweat on you brow, see the short agitated movements, the furtive glances. They know the game must continue to it’s bitter end.

And so, here we are.....All of the cards are turned, but one.....You eternal fate etched upon it’s surface. if.....If she turns the card. and now the game truly begins. You implore her not to turn the card.... Yet, all are curious and cannot leave it unresolved. But.... will she care to have the metaphysical blood on her hands? For what is depicted on this card must happen to you exactly twenty four hours after the final card is turned........but, then what will happen if the card is left unturned?....her mind is made up, she reaches out with trembling hand!

Cuss Cards - a powerful piece of parlour psychodrama. A dark performance here you are the storyteller, the director, the stage manager and the star.Played out correctly, the Cussing cards will leave your audience gasping in anticipation, scared witless but ultimately resolved. You will certainly give them an experience that they cannot shake from their minds, something that will continue to haunt them in those lonely dark hours of a fitful sleep. You have challenged their beliefs and demonstrated that just below the skin of their disbelieving cynicism, all the old, dark superstitions remain. .....well, I mean......would you........turn over that final card?