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Buma Magic

Buma Magic

The Buma magic range EXCLUSIVELY at Magicbox

Please note we have limited numbers of each product, so act fast!

Magic from San Francisco since 1967

BUMA's exclusive line of original magic effects encompass 85 years of lessons learned by three generations of Burgers while actually demonstrating, performing, and selling magic, in addition to their interacting with fellow magicians, many of whom were full time performers themselves with lifetimes of valuable magic experience behind them.

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  1. S.O.S. Silent - Original - Suspension

    S.O.S. Silent - Original - Suspension

  1. Neptune's Orb

    Neptune's Orb

  1. RAFFIA Man

    RAFFIA Man

  1. AIR Levitation

    AIR Levitation

  1. Finger Tration

    Finger Tration

5 Item(s)
View 36 or 48 products