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Beyond ESP 3 - New Edition

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Beyond ESP 3 - New Edition

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Version 3 - An order of magnitude better than version 2
My Rating:
I struggled with the version 2 cards; there were times that I could not tell if a corner was curved or square. Mistakes happened but in a natural way that reinforced the notion that I had a special gift/power that I was slowly perfecting. However I loved the concept, a brilliant way of marking the cards,

The version 3 cards are an order or magnitude better than the old ones. Easy to read at a distance, the merest of glances convey the nature/value of the card. That means more confidence when delivering the presentation - and that means a better magical experience for the captive audience.

I probably would have rated the old cards with 3 stars (mainly due to the concept) but this new set is worth 5. A really excellent set of ESP cards that will last for many years to come.
Review by David (Posted on 12/07/2017)
My Rating:
If you love magic then you will definitely love Beyond ESP 3.
Review by A satisfied customer (Posted on 29/05/2014)
I Love These
My Rating:
To put it simply, I love these. The cards are great, the booklet it comes with has incredible routines and the system is incredibly discreet and will withstand close scrutiny.

I tried out one of the routines two weeks ago and have performed about ten times a day time since! It is very unusual for me to incorporate a new effect into my routines so quickly. Maybe it is because I have been desperate for a solid ESP routine, or maybe the effects are work with my performing style. Whatever the reason these are amazing. Having been a little disappointed with the lacklustre Rhine's Revenge (an ESP release late last year) I had almost thrown in the towel on incorporating ESP symbols into any of my routines but Beyond ESP 3 is exactly what I was looking for!
Review by Joe (Posted on 23/02/2014)
Un avis Français
My Rating:
C'est simplement époustouflant, marquage indécelable (à mon avis) et très facile à lire.
Deux jeux de 25 cartes ('marqués' tous les 2), + la notice et des effets décrits, c'est donné à ce prix.
Je ne suis pas 'Mentaliste', mais je vais m'y mettre avec cet outil.
Review by Magic Quitolindo (Posted on 28/06/2013)
Fantastic multi-use product!
My Rating:
This was the first product I have bought to use for entertainment and it has been great, from mind reading to mentalism, and a great ice breaker.

After reading a few reviews, I tried to spot the markings before reading the instructions to see if anything could be seen, and I was momentarily scared because I could not see any identifiable markings.

The instructions also contain not just marking information, but multiple acts that can be performed with the deck, as well as shuffling techniques and links to further reading.
The ability to sign up to an email contact list to receive further updates was also great, already received some more great acts.

Overall: Great buy, affordable (Even with shipping to Australia!), good quality, and not too difficult to learn once you know what your doing, I highly recommend :)
Review by David (Posted on 06/06/2013)
Great product, super-fast shipping!
My Rating:
Beyond esp 3 is the best esp deck I've ever seen. So deceptive, you will fool everybody! Very fast shipping, i'm so happy with my purchase. I recommend it! 5 stars!
Review by Matteo (Posted on 05/04/2013)
Beyound ESP is out of this world.
My Rating:
If you want to fool somebody badly then you cannot go wrong with this.
There is simply nothing to see. This is by far the best card marking system i have ever (not) seen, genius.
The cards are made from good quality stock and should last you years.
There are seven routines to get you started in a nicely put together booklet. Hats off to Michael Murray for a brilliant concept.
Highly recommended. 10 out of 10.
Review by Michael Clark (Posted on 07/08/2012)
very happy!
My Rating:
Bloody awesome pack of cards, I absolutely love them! Will be buying some different packs later!
Review by Tazpire (Posted on 10/02/2012)
Uhhhh... What Markings?
My Rating:
That's just what I said to myself at the coffeeshop when I opened the cool box. I've got three marked decks and was on a mission to come up with the markings before checking the well written book of instructions.

It took more than a few sips of my latte before I noticed what MAY have been my answer. I had to look.

This is the absolute best 'marked' deck I have had the pleasure to use.

I just handed them to a friend who knew I did mental magic and said, "Here. Find the marks." He couldn't. What a thrill!

The routines in the book go from basic to jaw dropping. I'm going for Jaw dropping.

This version has so many options of sets of cards, it's tough to know what to begin with. Great thought out included extra cards!

Thank YOU Magicbox for this offering. Highly recommended.
Review by Barry (Posted on 07/01/2012)
the best
My Rating:
these must be the best marked esp decks on the market. wether you want a short trick or a full esp act these are the cards for you. might be a little subtle if you need reading glasses
Review by tim (Posted on 07/10/2011)

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