Beyond ESP 3 – New Edition. The Award Winning Beyond ESP.

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Skill Level – Easy

Earn up to 33 Points.


Beyond ESP 3 – New Edition.


You spoke, we listened! This is the third generation of beyond ESP and is actually a 2.0 as the markings have been enlarged to make them even easier to read while still being totally invisible to the non informed.

Take a look at the images and see if you can spot the markings. Believe it or not they ARE MARKED.

After selling a whopping 15,000 copies of Michael Murrays Beyond ESP 3 deck he decided to revisit the highly acclaimed marking system in order to make it even easier to read.  The results are remarkable, whilst still remaining stealthily secret you will be able to read the marks no matter if you are standing at a distance, or working close up in low light situations.

“Outstanding,” Richard Osterlind. “Awesome,” Lee Earle. “The best set of Marked ESP cards I have ever seen,” Nicholas Einhorn. These are just a few of the comments we received upon the launch of the ‘Beyond ESP’ deck, an aesthetic leap forward to the tried and tested ESP packs.

First and foremost – this is the most innocent looking deck of ESP cards you will ever own. The plain black backs make the cards look like little else than research tools, yet they contain an incredibly subtle marking system that allows you to identify each card with a short glance.

Housed inside the “International Paranormal Research Association” box are two complete ESP or Zener decks. One red backed deck, and one original black backed deck. The new cards have been printed to the highest standard by the US Playing Card Company, so they look and feel great. Inside your deck you’ll also find a selection of extra cards and fakes providing you with more creative possibilities than any other ESP deck on the market.

For those who might be short of ideas, Beyond ESP 3 comes compete with a 32-page booklet containing 8 solid routines from a collection of mentalism’s top authors including Lee Earle, Banachek, and Richard Osterlind.

The result is a startling collection of ESP routines and ideas, which can often be difficult to track down, all between the covers of one booklet. Coupled with the ground-breaking Beyond ESP cards this is guaranteed to be one purchase that will amount to far more than the sum of its parts!


  • ESP 3 2.0 New Edition deck x 2 (1 red 1 black backed)
  • Houses of zodiac card
  • 2 x envelopes for routines in booklet
  • 32 page booklet with routines
  • 2 double faced cards
  • 2 double backed cards

Included routines:

  • 3SP By Michael Murray & Paul Younghusband
  • Zenner Cycle By Lee Earle
  • Mind Prowler ESPecial By Banachek
  • Think As I Think ESP By Wayne Dobson
  • Psychokinetic Revolution By Scott Drebus
  • Direct ESP By Richard Osterlind
  • Zodiac Prediction By Michael Murray
  • In depth instructions of Charlier shuffle, and the Mexican turnover

“In this era of e-books and home DVD production, it is a thrill to receive an item that loudly screams quality on every level… A big thank you to Michael Murray and the Magicbox team for producing something really nice.” – Brad Henderson, Magic Magazine May 2005


*Please note, new edition of Beyond ESP 3 has larger, easier to read markings. Does not include card with esp printed symbols. This is now a sticker on the box. Also it has TWO double backed cards rather than four.


Use the drop down menu to choose Beyond ESP 3 or special package including Submodalities DVD (the esp dvd) for only £10 more (normally £15.00)

Also available:

‘Submodalities’ DVD

Filmed on location in a haunted building in the North of England, Submodalities is an unsettling journey into the inexplicable mysteries of ESP testing. Nine routines using ESP cards are documented across 90 minutes; routines ranging from the effortless and direct to the infinitely perplexing. Then, as a bonus, the DVD features 7 performances of additional routines developed by Banachek, Lee Earle, Richard Osterlind and more…

The DVD contains:

Beyond ESP (Michael Murray) – The performer correctly names the order of an ESP deck shuffled by a spectator. The performer then goes on to correctly identify the symbol located at any number named by the spectator.

Mexican Geometry (Max Maven) – First published in the Pabular in 1977, and included on this DVD with the kind permission of Mr. Maven. The spectator correctly matches 3 symbols identical to those of the performer.

Hidden Influence (Michael Murray) – The spectator reads a short paragraph from a piece of paper, and is then asked to name any ESP symbol. The performer is then shown not only to have predicted the chosen symbol, but to have influenced their decision with the written passage.

Jazz Mentalism (Dave Humphrey) – The Ambitious Card of ESP effects, this is a ‘do as I do’ style effect with a variety of outcomes. Perfect for those mentalists who like to be a little creative with their routines.

ESP Impromptu Whammy (Steve Dela) – The performer places a prediction in an envelope and the spectator is asked to cut to an ESP symbol. Amazingly the cut-to card matches the symbol in the envelope.

Pocket Calculator (Dale Shrimpton and Stanton Carlisle) – The performer gazes into the spectator’s eyes and divines their thought-of symbol. Then the spectator is asked to choose another symbol that matches the performer’s prediction.

Elite (Dave Humphrey) – The spectator causes a pendulum to move over various symbols, stopping at one in particular. The performer is shown to have predicted that exact symbol.

Stars of Gemini (Darren McGee) – A multi-phase mental magic routine that builds to a dramatic climax.

Direct ESP and Addition (Richard Osterlind) – An addition to the superb routine featured in the Beyond ESP 3booklet.


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Additional information

Weight 400 lbs

Beyond ESP & Submodalities Package, Beyond ESP Only, Refill only

1 review for Beyond ESP 3 – New Edition. The Award Winning Beyond ESP.

  1. [email protected]

    I tried my first effort – Durect ESP – on my fiercest, eagle eyed critic. Correct: my wife. Fanned cards face up to show choices then she said: “You’d better shuffle them.” I fluffed the adapted Charlier but didn’t realise until I laid down the first card.
    As the markings were so clear I adapted the presentation and was able to read each card before she put her hand on to “transmit” the image.
    As the instructions tell you, go through the cards a few times to practice reading. You might find one colour easier than the other.
    Very happy with these.

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