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Project Polaroid by Julio Montoro and Finix Chan

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For centuries, camera technology undergoes back-to-back dramatic transformations, all to fulfill one human obsession: to immortalize their best moments.

That brings us to printed photos. Though substantial, they are a relic of the past. Once taken, nothing inside is changeable, or photoshopped. But did you know that you can actually manipulate printed photos in real life?

Courtesy of the brilliant minds of Julio Montoro and Finix Chan, we can now deliver that power to your hands – with Project Polaroid.

Project Polaroid isn’t just any magic trick; it’s more than that. It’s a door to infinite possibilities. Imagine: being able to vanish the Statue of Liberty like the legend himself; materialize your portrait out of thin air; you can even have your audiences feel the miracle in their hands.

Not convinced? How about popping a real object out of a flat, 2D photo?

We’re making Hollywood special effects come to life, through your hands.

Each package will come with two pre-made gimmicks, ready to go in just seconds.

Simply practical and effortless.

Designed for the real worker – whether you’re a card, coin, mentalism, or psychic magician – Project Polaroid will elevate your art to a new extreme. Available worldwide NOW.

What you will receive:

  • Two pre-made gimmicks – Vanishing Statue of Liberty and Red Mercury Card Trick. Each gimmick was HAND ASSEMBLED by our FOUNDER and co-creator of Project Polaroid himself, Finix Chan.
  • Four extra gimmicks – Princess Card Trick, Magician’s Force, Crane Origami, and Ghost Lady. Assembly required.
  • 30 x regular photos – 5 photos per plot; 3 photos (after the magic happens) and 2 photos (before the magic happens).
  • One refill supplies pack.
  • 2 hour detailed online instructions.


Q: What’s the difficulty level of Project Polaroid?
A: Extremely Easy! The gimmick is self-contained. With a single flick, the magic happens!

Q: Can I customize my own photos?
A: It’s possible. Once you have learned the concept, you may build your own Polaroid routine.

Q: Are its gimmicks well thought out?
A: Over 100 prototypes have been built by Finix. Moreover, with contributions from Jasoon Khor (an expert in the printing industry), we couldn’t be more satisfied with the final result.

Q: How’s the quality of the gimmicks? Are they durable?
A: Every paper-based product is prone to wear and tear upon long-time usage. We do include supplies and extra gimmicks so you can repair or build a new one. Please fully watch the online instruction before handling your gimmicks.

Q: Do I need to prepare anything in advance to perform this?
A: Not necessarily. You will receive two pre-made gimmicks HAND-ASSEMBLED by Finix Chan, co-creator himself! What you need to do instead, is to customize the pre-made gimmick to fit your preferences.

Q: If I am running out of supplies, where I can get them?
A: Due to various challenges with mass productions, we have limited quantities for the full set of Project Polaroid. However, we might have some overprinted photos. Therefore, please contact your favorite magic store for inquiries.

Q: Any possibility for add-on effects for Project Polaroid?
A: Yes! The main reason why we named this effect “Project” is because of its expandability. Infinite possibilities! Our founder, Finix, will continue to refine the gimmicks and develop more routines and effects with this concept. When we are ready, we will roll out add-ons from time to time.

Q: Are TV rights included?
A: Sorry, commercial rights are reserved for Project Polaroid, including but not limited to TV and web shows. Please contact Skymember Presents for commercial inquiries.


We would like to say THANK YOU to Patrick Wolford from Murphy’s Magic Supplies for being our project consultant and Jasoon Khor for engineering the gimmicks with Finix!
Concept by Julio Montoro
Remastered by Finix Chan
Project Manager: Calvin Liew
Project Consultant: Patrick Wolford
Gimmicks engineered by Jasoon Khor and Finix Chan
Creative Consultant: Avi Yap
Creative Director: Finix Chan
Graphic Designer: Yuen Tian Jia
Creative Assistants: Thien Wei Jian and Edwin Liew

Thoughts from professional magicians

Project Polaroid is perfect for anyone looking for a visual in your face type of change that is easy to perform and customizable. I love it!!”
– João Miranda

“The effect is AMAZING, and the method is BRILLIANT!!”
– Les French Twins


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3 reviews for Project Polaroid by Julio Montoro and Finix Chan

  1. mykinda

    As a children’s performer, the one feature which caught my attention in the promo video, was the transposition of the pet ‘Dog’ and ‘Cat’. However, these are not included in the buddle of goodies you get with this effect. I think it’s an absolute travesty for anyone to perform an effect and then not provide the props / product they have demoed in order to convince you to buy it. Apparently, I’m now expected to spend over £80 in buying a Polaroid Instant Mini camera so that I can make the efffect. Obviously, my comments are not intended to reflect any criticism whatsoever of Magicbox in supplying this effect. The fault lies solely with Julio Montoro and Finix Chan in allowing it to be sold in this way.

  2. mykinda

    Please let me explained my earlier rating. I gave it 5 for the principle / gimmick but only 1 for the actual photos supplied i.e. not providing the photos of the Dog / Cat transposition and for not explaining how / where you could get such photos produced and developed. Hence, an average of 3.
    I continue to be of the very strong view that what has been demonstrated in the ‘Sell’ should be what is then provided in the purchase.
    Consequently, I got in touch with Julio Montoro and he said and I quote;
    “I’m not the producer of the effects (I just created it) so I even didn’t knew why that gimmick weren’t include with the packet as we all can see that in the trailer. You are right about all what you have said!” Thank you for your honesty Julio.
    So, if you have bought this prop and feel equally aggrieved about this ‘trading under false pretenses’, I would advise you to get in touch with (as I intend doing) in order to put a stop to such practice.

  3. mykinda

    Julio Montoro advised me to contact; [email protected] which I did.

    Now please note that in the Q&As they provide in their own blurb to promote this effect, they state; “It’s possible (to customise your own photos) once you have learned the concept, you may build your own Polaroid routine”. And; “The main reason why we named this effect “Project” is because of its expandability. Infinite possibilities! Our founder, Finix, will continue to refine the gimmicks and develop more routines and effects with this concept. When we are ready, we will roll out add-ons from time to time.

    It was Finix himself who responded to my email and in answer to my questions, he stated;
    “Project Polaroid has infinite possibilities, and it’s not possible for us to include every gimmick that we come out with (featured in the trailer as well) while maintaining a reasonable price”. He further said; “we didn’t provide the tutorial for the gimmick printing for the few reasons. Piracy, trade secrets such as photoshop technique, printing technique, etc. Most importantly, it is so difficult for a regular person. After consulted with various big magic producers, we decided not to include them”.

    Strange. I always thought the distinction was that there are ‘Magicians and normal people”. But whatever, apparently, we (regular magicians) can’t make the gimmick even if we knew the technique.

    Not to worry, for those of you who have more money to spend on this, then surprise, surprise, skymemberpresents do have the Dog / Cat photos which they sell as an “add-on” for $12.95 plus p&p. And, if you want to buy the ‘ready-to-use customised gimmicks’ they sell them in sets of 2 for $25 plus p&p plus your own photos.

    The result of not being given the knowledge to customise and build my own polaroid routines – as they implied that they would in their promotion material – means that the prop is of little use to me. It’s just a 5 second novelty. I’ve got to learn to be more discerning. Anyone want to buy my completely unused prop?

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