Titan ITR Reel, by Sorcery Manufacturing and Steve Fearson


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Brand new Alpha design!


Because of the new design the thread is far easier to access so re threading is super simple.

  • No more “sucking” the thread out! – Because of the new design the inner spool is exposed. To re thread you simply stick the wax on the exposed inner spool and it will pick up the thread. Next wind the thread once around the new “locator” and thats it, takes seconds
  • No more removing the ends and having to remove the inner spool to relaese the thread

After 10 Years of Extensive Research and Listening to YOU our customer, we have designed what we believe to be the Ultimate in Levitation Tools…. The most Amazing thing is how easy it is to use! NEVER again will you have to disassemble or reset the device, this is huge especially for beginners!

This is a dream come true for magicians everwhere and those aspiring to become Magicians! Levitations will and always have given the performer the most bang for their buck in terms of Audience Reaction, you could spend a lifetime mastering difficult card sleights and never achieve the reaction you will receive by performing a simple levitation effect.

Now with the Alpha Levitation Device it is easier then ever to impress your friends! We are so happy and excited to be able to bring this too you, finally solving what has been a huge problem for Magicians everywhere. We spent the last 10 years perfecting this new design so you won’t have any problems levitating all sorts of things, really a joy to use and so much fun!

It comes with 10 Amazing Routines that you will have a ton of fun learning and performing! It also includes online video instruction and routines absolutely FREE! You will have private access to our teaching and training series of levitation videos, all easily accessible over the Internet through your computer at home; you can even download them to your hard drive and watch them at your convenience.

Available when you register your product at our web-site at ITRMagicTricks.com This feature is priceless!

Beware that when you buy a knock-off pirated version of our invention, not only do you get an inferior product, but they leave you out in the cold when it comes to how to perform with it. Not fun at all. Not to mention they are noisy and use material that honestly you would have to be in a very dark room to pull it off, not with ours! Not to mention they are actually more expensive when you consider how stingy they are when it comes to the special secret stuff and they give you the wrong material to be honest about it.

Our device uses a very secret process that they have not even begun to understand, things that you only learn by building them for the past 15+ years like I have done, this can’t be faked.

When you buy from us, you are getting the absolute best and its actually cheaper in the long run as you will discover if you ever get talked into trying one of theirs, but one only needs to read the magic forums to hear the horror stories of how many folks have been ripped off, strange that so many dealers continue to choose to ruin their reputation. The only way to know for sure that you are getting our product is to buy it directly from us. We have caught several dealers advertising cheap knock-offs as if it is ours, but they ship out an inferior knock-off when you order, so don’t fall victim to this game insist on ordering directly from us. It is the only way to know for sure that you are getting our exclusive Kevlar IT, and our new Patented design and our lifetime warranty. You will soon experience the vast difference and see the quality, especially if you have had the Knock-Offs pawned off on you in the past.

The Easy reset is just Amazing, no more sucking air, or taking it apart, burnt out motor’s endless use of batteries etc, what a dream come true for Magicians everywhere! The Device comes in two sizes, one for Close – Up (Small 2.25″ x 3/8″) and one for Stand-Up/Stage (Large 4.5″ x 3/8″) Please specify Large or Small when placing your order for the Alpha Levitation Device.

The ITR (Our Trademarked Term for our Ultimate Levitation Device) is the Most Compelling and Successfully Selling Close-Up Levitation Device of the Last Century, with over 300,000 Units Sold it is certainly one of the most successful Magic Products of All time. Criss Angel, David Blaine, Lance Burton, David Copperfield have all owned them, Criss use to call me all the time when he first started on his journey to success, was really fun to watch him rise up and hear all the excitement when he would call.

Few products in this industry ever achieve this Status, Fame or Fortune. The Huge Breakthrough began in 1992 when the first ITR was born, the breakthrough was that you could easily perform Close-Up Levitations, and walk away from the floating object, proving no attachments or connections to you! Cause the object to float down to the floor and back up to your hand while you remained motionless this had never been done before!

When we first released it was a total sell-out at conventions everywhere, we couldn’t build them fast enough. It was all the rage! Now we have made a HUGE quantum leap with this new design, it is such a huge breakthrough that we filed for a patent on it! And for you it means NEVER taking the device apart should the IT break. It also means you will be able to reset it in literally seconds! Try that with a Cheap Noisy Knock-off!

So Here is What you Get!!


Breakthrough Patented Easy Reset Design. – What this means for you is a very quick and easy instant reset of the IT should it break; only taking seconds to get you going again! Only with this new-patented design will you experience this level of ease.

Amazing Retraction Distances – You will achieve unheard of retraction distances even from our smallest Alpha Boss Model. Getting up to 10 – 12 feet! Getting up to 15 – 18′ from the Larger Alpha Reel. Really nice to have objects floating further away from you.

No Batteries or Burnt out Motors or Broken Clips. – Just reliability and dependability, the thing any serious working pro demands. You won’t find this to be the case with some of the new fad gimmicks, when the battery runs out your magic fizzles out, not the case with the tried and true, simple design of the Classic ITR tm. You can run our levitation device through the wash machine and its still works try that with the others. Ours you can even run through the wash and still have it be usuable, (if not you still have our warranty!) try that with the others.


“A bargain for the price. A practical and ingenious design that makes incredible Magic possible in a non-intimidating way”

– Michael Ammar –


Silent and as smooth as glass. – Our expert craftsman have an Amazing attention to detail when it comes to building these, this is another aspect that just can’t be faked. If you aren’t paying your people well, they just don’t do that great of a job, and when it comes to the knock-offs it really shows. Experience the difference, just like a Lexus is not the same as a Yugo, the Sorcery Shop ITR is not the same as a knock-off version, see what you have been missing! Especially if you had a bad experience in the past with a knock off version. Give it a second chance; we think you will be pleasantly surprised and you will be glad you did!

Adjustable Tension – You are easily able to adjust the tension on our reels by merely twisting the caps! This opens open so many different routine possibilities!


“You have the real work on the levitation system. Best I’ve ever seen 🙂 Would not have considered levitations until now!”

– Roger Klause –


Not just a single Trick – An ITR gives you thousands of routine possibilities, one of the primary reasons it has become a classic and considered a must have tool by many working performers.

Preferred and Used by the Pro’s – Criss Angel used to call us about once a week or so, for consulting and thoughts and ideas for the ITR, he understood the power of this device and used it to enhance his own Magic Career, maybe you will be the Next Criss Angel or David Blaine by doing the same?

Unlimited Tech Support by E-Mail – You can always e-mail us at [email protected] for any questions, help, ideas or comments. We really are here for you unlike so many other Magic Companies, we check our e-mail at least three times a day and get right back to you. Our great reputation for always solving any problem you may have, if you give us a chance!

I am sure that many of you are already familiar with the vast benefits and vista’s of possibility that the ITR has and can open up to you. I am sure that many of you may have purchased a knock-off version unknowingly and it was because you trusted some other Magic Dealer. We really appreciate when you tell the other dealers that you don’t like it when something is falsely misrepresented and they are doing the industry no favors by supplying inferior quality products deceiving customers.

“Your products are the difference between having the confidence to pull off the illusion every single time in any time of day, or suffering inevitable embarrassment. Further, the knock-off device is terrible, that each time they are used the true secret potentially (and most likely) gets revealed and the trick is ruined for everyone.

Christopher from Albany, NY


“I want to say that you are a great contributor to the art of magic. My respect for you as a shopkeeper, your service is more than excellent and is nice to feel confident to systematically add a series of routines with my ITR’s because my supplier is very reliable. We need more trusty suppliers like you.” Thank you very much.

Rubén Rivera

The Huge Leap with our New Alpha Device is that it resets in seconds, well it is smooth, silent and beautiful as well, but most importantly it will have you up and running quick and levitating all kinds of objects all around the house, this is so much fun!

You will receive the most amazing reel we have ever created! It is the proudest accomplishment of my life! I am so happy to be able to bring this to you and share with you what has been a life long dream. Not only that but just knowing the joy and fun you will soon be bringing to other’s!


This Reel is the Ultimate Close-Up levitation device for the Professional Magician.
The Reel Features Adjustable Tension and includes Vectra Thread.
Sorcery with a special arrangemnet with Steve Fearson is proud to offer you the only reel on the Market with the exclusive Fearson Vectra IT. No other reel comes close! Every bit as invisible as Sorcery’s regular Kevlar IT, now installed in their Boss Reel design it is so easy to reset you could do it blind folded. But with how strong this material is, you won’t be doing that very often.
The New design gives you 10′ – 12′ of usable retraction distance from a reel that measures only 3/8″ by 2 1/4″
The thread outlet has been smoothed over and buffed making the levitations very smooth and precision.
You won’t find a better value then this reel for close-up levitation performances for real world conditions. Other Reels make look like our Boss Reel, but trust they do not have the same features.

  • Be the life of the party and amaze your friends and family!
  • Excellent for Close-Up Work or Strolling Magic.
  • Favorite tool among the Top Magic Pros!
  • Easy to attach alligator clip.
  • Easy and fun to learn!



ITR Thread Reel History

Sorcery has been serving the Magic Industry since 1989 with our first product release the Award Winning P.K. Pencil and Ring Routine. Check out our video at www.Youtube.com/myitrcom

Soon after we released the ITR in 1992, the key here was finding the right materials to get the job done with, that involved my seeing the potential of the modern materials and Elastic to power a reel in a new design. Well I think our track record with our constant and never ending improvement on this product speaks for itself, along with the many other magic Items I have invented over the years.

We at Sorcery Manufacturing pride ourselves on bringing you the best possible value and most technologically advanced levitation device to date.  W

What really makes our customers happy is they have a reel they can always count on to be ready to go!  No worrying about burn’t out motor’s or fooling with expensive batteries, only to have your magic fizzle out in the middle of a performance.

There is a very good reason why we still sell thousands of ITR’s every year as the simpiliest most direct solution to the levitation problem, really is the best answer as many discover and always eventually return to using the ITR over the latest expensive fad gimmicks that come and go.  With over 18 years experience in Building ITR’s you will find out why our’s are simply the best price and value for what you receive.

Then once you receive it, play with it and have fun showing your other magic buddies.

Also be sure to check out JamesGeorge.blip.tv Channel, this is where we post all the ITR training and repair video’s along with our new Wizard’s Levitation Magic School!  Its absolutely free and a really fun way to learn some new material.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts and Ideas on how we might improve things, and really appreciate all of your for allowing us to serve the Magic Industry for the past 20 years now!


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Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4.5 × 0.25 in


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