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    WANDERFUL by Jay Sankey Pre-Order

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    Triage (with constructed gimmick) Pre-Order

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    Break By Uday Jadugar

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    Contraband Playing Cards

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    NoMad Playing Cards

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    Reloaded by Dani Da Ortiz Pre-Order

  1. The Vault (DVD and Gimmick)

    The Vault (DVD and Gimmick)

  2. Transition by Jamie Docherty

    Transition by Jamie Docherty

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I recommend

The Visionary by Stephen Young

Having been blown away by this product a few years back, I litteraly begged Stephen to release it, it is that good!

I'm super happy to announce that Stephen took my advise and now this incredible product has been made available for us mere mortals.  I simply can't reccomend this product enough.  The Visionary is a multi-phase mentalism routine which ustilises some very devious methodology, best of all it is very simple to perform leaving you to concentrate your full efforts on the presentation.

Using the set of cards supplied you will be able to reveal objects and images that your spectator is merely thinking of.  The accompanying DVD also teaches seveal other applications and contains routine suggestions for such effects as "Out of this World".  To learn more about this product simply click on the product title above. 

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